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SilkCelluloid.com is an online journal and podcast that focuses on China’s Culture & Entertainment Industries, such as; entertainment-tech, film & box-office, Chinese anime, digital comics (manhua), mobile games, freemium e-publishing, the gamification of mini-programs, social+, and live-streaming.

Silk Celluloid offers KOLs, Thought Leaders, and Speakers for festivals, events, and businesses worldwide.

Silk Celluloid’s consulting and editorial staff offers over a dozen years of direct China experience, and have consulted or worked with;

  • China Film Group Corp
  • Hengdian World Studios
  • Warner China Film HG Corp (Warner Bros.)
  • WME / Endeavor Beijing
  • Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment
  • Huayi Bros.
  • Kabam Games
  • Reliance Entertainment Group
  • Stone Forest Tourism Authority (Yunnan Province, China)
  • Mtime.com
  • LeEco
  • +more

For speaking engagements contact your local speakers bureau or contact Fons Tuinstra at China Speakers Bureau or Windy Wallace at Keppler Speakers and ask specifically for Ryan Carroll – Silk Celluloid’s Editor-at-Large and Podcast Host.

Catch our publisher at Sinovation Venture‘s LA Silicon Dragon event this coming July 2019.

If you wish to contribute a piece please visit our Contact Us page to contact our Publisher.  All submissions are welcome.

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