Is This Chinese Anime Anti-China or Pro-China Animation? A Donghua Review Video ‘Dahufa’

Dahufa is a Chinese Animated movie released in 2017 from Director BusiFan and Nice Boat Animation Studio. The film follows the titular Dahufa (meaning Great Guardian of Law and Order) as he makes his way through a walled off, xenophobic town filled with Peanut People.

By Cuchallain, Guest Contributor

April, 2020.

Video Essay

Dahufa by Donghua Reviews

Watch the movie with English subs from the incredible Cael / Yunmengshi:…

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This article originally appeared on the YouTube Channel DongHua Reviews.

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Cuchallain is the host and writer of the YouTube Channel DongHua Reviews the leading channel for video essays and reviews of Chinese Anime (aka Donghua), and the overall ACG Culture Industry of China; that is led by the streaming giants Bilibili, iQiyi and Tencent.

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